Child Safety in Your Modern Kitchen

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We at The Kitchen Depot offer a range of modern kitchen designs and we know that the Kitchen is often the heart of the home. With that in mind we are aware that even the most elegant of modern kitchens has little ones running around it.

We have created a list of top tips to baby proof your new modern kitchen to ensure the safety of the smaller, curious people in your home. Children are notorious for opening cabinets and cupboards that they aren’t meant to or exploring spaces and areas that can be dangerous.

The best way to keep your child safe is supervision but for a little peace of mind it helps to be that extra bit careful with kitchen safety. To start it’s important to keep your baby in a controlled play area so that he or she isn’t running or crawling about where they can be easily tripped over.

You could try a child safety drawer that they are allowed to open. It should be filled with safe kitchen products like plastic tubs or empty food cartoons etc. If you change it up every so often they might not lose interest and explore elsewhere. It should hopefully grab their attention enough that they don’t go looking in other dangerous drawers and cabinets.

As always keep all chemicals and cleaning products up high in cabinets that have child locks. The bravest of children can climb and even unlock safety latches so for extra reassurance buy bottles and containers with child safety seals. This ensures that if they do manage to reach anything potentially dangerous they’ll struggle to get it open.

Try not to use table cloths as they hang down and make it very easy for a child to pull without realising what will happen when they do. With a full table of hot food and cutlery it’s a disaster waiting to happen. At the very least it will cause a lot of mess in your new modern kitchen!

Modern kitchen gadgets make for some of the coolest appliances on the market however make sure that anything with cords is also treated in the same way as above, ensure unplugged kettles, toasters and other appliances don’t have dangling cords and are safely hidden away. If these are left to hang down from worktops they can be easily grabbed by little curious hands.

Hopefully you have found some helpful tips on how to keep your kitchen a safe place for your little ones. But first you must decide which new modern kitchen design you’d like to go for. The latest modern kitchen designs are available from The Kitchen Depot – have a look at them here.