How should you design your kitchen?

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If you’ve been wondering what the hottest kitchen trends are this year then look no further! It’s important to look at the newest and most up to date styles when kitchen planning and we’ve been researching some of the best! We have, in stock, the most popular fitted kitchen designs so the Kitchen Depot have got you covered but what kind of styles should you be going for? Take a look at some ideas below.

Soft colours are very in style. Soft greys, charcoals and pastel colours have become popular in kitchen design. Kitchens have come a long way since the classic white kitchen dominated the colour scheme. Pastel colours also work well with trendy lighter wood designs, people often opt for the two together which can really brighten up your kitchen. With the right lighting this can create the illusion of more space.  

Kitchens with hidden space areas for cool new appliances are big right now. Fridges, dishwashers and washing machines are often concealed behind stylish cabinets and cupboards to create a sleek finish. This works particularly well in a white-gloss handless setting. The handless look enhances the modern look of hidden appliances as it leaves a clean finish, if the appliances are hidden, the handles may as well be too!

More and more people are opting for integrated living. Open plan kitchens can really create the illusion of more space and modernise the home. Above all they create a great social aspect, while one person can be cooking the other people in the home can be relaxing in the living area, all the while spending time together. They are also excellent for hosting parties at home and BBQ’s, lots of people are able to be close to the action, as well as mingle.

Clonmel Stained Light Oak kitchen

Lighting is a major design element in kitchen planning. There are so many options to choose from its hard to decide which is best. A popular choice is the statement centre ceiling light. While kitchens are often quite neutral and plain this means you can have some real fun with a statement piece, in a striking or bright colour to really give your kitchen that stylish edge. Having a central ceiling light is also well accompanied by illuminating lights for cabinets, this can be a nice extra in any fitted kitchen. Cabinet kitchen lighting is subtle but modern and it can really open up a space, it often works well with white-gloss kitchens.

So whether your kitchen planning includes opting for a completely new fitted kitchen or updating your current design, we at the Kitchen Depot are here to help! You can see various designs from white-gloss kitchens to matte in our showrooms in Glasgow, Shrewsbury, Telford and our newly opened store in Dumbarton.