Kitchens made easy for 2017!

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It’s almost the end of 2016 and we at the Kitchen Depot thought we’d give you a Christmas treat by researching the best kitchen items for your modern kitchen. We’ve collaborated a must have list of items to fill your new kitchen with to make life easier in 2017! What could be better than easy to use appliances and utensils? With all those other life stresses, your kitchen experience should be as easy as it can be!


Extractor faUltra High Gloss Kitchenn

An extractor fan is an excellent addition to your modern kitchen. Using an extractor fan will guarantee to keep your new kitchen as fresh as possible for as long as possible. The fan eliminates steam, heat and smoke in order to prevent odour, condensation and unsightly damp patches in the kitchen. What better way to give yourself less work in the long run and have your new modern kitchen as new as possible for as long as possible. It’s a good investment!


Pot and pan holder

There’s nothing worse than cooking a large meal and rummaging around your kitchen searching for the appropriate sized pot or pan to make your dish. To help you out, why not purchase a pot and pan holder for your modern kitchen. These come in varying shapes and sizes. The most popular option is the hanging pot and pan holder, not only practical but stylish too. This is a helpful tool whereby hooks are used to hold the pots and pans in size order so that all you have to do is grab the correct one! You’ll find it much easier than clambering into a cupboard trying to untangle lots of different sized pots and pans which have been bundled into one and other. A great way to keep your modern kitchen spick and span!


Kitchen utensil holder

Similar to the pot and pan holder, why not purchase a utensil holder for your modern kitchen. Aren’t you always hunting for a specific ladle or spoon? Aren’t you always NEVER able to find it when you actually need to use it? Problem solved! A utensil holder means you can organise your items by use, so you can pop the tongs you use every morning to the front and the potato masher that’s only used on a Sunday to the back. Cooking made easier!



Every modern kitchen needs a dishwasher, after countless hours of slaving over a hot cooker preparing a family meal, the last chore on your mind should be the dishes! Yet they pile up and won’t disappear unless you tackle them. So why not purchase a dishwasher to make life a little easier. Dishwashers now accommodate the dirtiest of dishes and do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is load it up and wait for the chore to be completed for you.


No kitchen would be complete without some helpful appliances and utensils, so why not stock your new modern kitchen with some of the suggestions above. Better yet, why not pop along to the Kitchen Depot and update to a modern kitchen for 2017! You can see our kitchen designs here.