Prep your kitchen for Christmas!

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The Christmas season is upon us and it’s almost time to start preparing for the festivities. Christmas is the perfect time to get your fitted kitchen in order as Christmas day means lots of visitors and plenty of mouths to feed. However with lots of people to cater for it can sometimes become a stressful event. With that in mind, efficient kitchen planning is crucial, so we have compiled a helpful list to make your Christmas cooking experience the easiest yet!

Here are a few kitchen planning tips for a relaxed day! Firstly, clean! There is nothing better than a lovely fitted kitchen that is fresh and tidy! So scrub and polish your work space, especially if you have a high gloss kitchen, it looks its best when sparkling clean. Ensure everything you need is in its correct place so there is no scrambling and searching for utensils! Popular kitchen designs such as a white gloss kitchen or a handleless kitchen look their very best when everything is hidden away, not to mention the added bonus of having lots of space to work with.

Restock the fridge! Fill your cl-crm-wenge-640390fitted kitchen with everything you need for the festive season and give everything its place. When it comes to grabbing stuff out to start cooking it’ll be that little bit easier. Make sure everything in there can still be eaten and is suitably contained. With guests coming to your home to eat, you’ll want your modern kitchen to look its best! You might also not be the only one going in and out of the fridge, so make sure it’s as fresh as possible with no old food lurking around that could smell!

Make sure your modern kitchen is prepared for the crowd! Christmas day can mean there are more guests around the dinner table than usual. It may be the case that you have enough crockery for those in your family home but not for the extended bunch joining you for Christmas dinner. So in advance source plenty of extra plates, cutlery, glasses, place mats and maybe even the odd chair, there’s always someone who ends up without a seat, especially when you’re entertaining a big crowd!

While you might think you have to leave all the cooking until Christmas day here are some foods that you can prepare in advance that might save a little stress. Cooking veg the day before, especially those brussel sprouts, will save you crucial time. You can boil and then cool down veg and simply recook the next day. Other Christmas classics such as gravy and stuffing can be made in advance simply by freezing, once defrosted, heat up and serve as though fresh!

Whatever your Christmas plans your tasty meal should be cooked and served in the best kitchen and we, at the Kitchen Depot can help with that. So why not come along to one of our showrooms and design your own kitchen to show off to all those Christmas dinner guests, check out our website at