Spring Into Summer With A New Kitchen

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With long, light evenings and everyone in a better mood – even in the UK – summer is a perfect time to be thinking about a new kitchen, especially one that will really make the most of those balmy months and form the perfect set piece for all the best things about this time of the year: summer parties, days off work and BBQs.

Whether you’ve been thinking about updating an old or tired kitchen for a while, or you’re such a fan of the season you want to reflect those sunny vibes in your home all year round, we’ve bringing you the best tips to help your kitchen spring into summer.

Get glossy

Our high gloss cabinets are the perfect way to bring light into your kitchen all year round. When the natural light shines your cupboards and surfaces will amplify the weather with stunning effect making the room seem bigger and lighter. Even when it’s duller, artificial light will still sparkle on these reflective surfaces. Why not consider our Sienna Gloss in Ivory to get this stunning effect?

Go against the grain

Light shades like our Tuscany kitchen in light oak will make your kitchen space feel airy and bright even in the depths of winter — light coloured cabinets and surfaces reflect sunshine or light and can really lift a space.

A pop of pastel

White and cream aren’t the only choices for kitchens. Don’t be afraid to be a little braver and try a gorgeous duck egg blue or sage green. These colours not only add a sense of something unique to your home – a great talking point for gatherings – but they’re naturally uplifting and feel breezy – the essence of summer itself!

Don’t be floored

The design and colour of the kitchen floor you choose can elevate a space from so-so to something special. A natural stone floor is a great choice, especially if you’ve got patio or french doors out to a garden. You can enjoy some warmth indoors – let’s face it, not all our evenings are tropical – but you can still feel like you’re dappling in al fresco dining like you’re on the continent.

No man is an island

A good dinner party depends on a sociable, inviting kitchen. Kitchen islands are a great way to achieve this. Whether you’re seasoned hosts or just learning the ropes of your latest Jamie Oliver, inviting your guests to congregate around a large kitchen island with a bowl of olives and a glass of Prosecco is sure to have you the talk of the dinner party circuit.

Get yourself a green space

Maybe you don’t have the time or money to inject summer vibes into your home. Worry, not. Something as simple as a few succulents or vases of fresh flowers instantly give a freshness to your kitchen that’s the perfect accompaniment to cold drinks and tapas of a warm evening.



Inspired to give your kitchen a summer make over? The Kitchen Depot will offer friendly, professional service to help make your kitchen dreams a reality — all year round. Just pop into your local store.