Top tips for Kitchen Planning

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Are you desperate for a new kitchen look this winter? Is your kitchen screaming for a makeover but you are on a tight budget? We, at the Kitchen Depot want to help with your kitchen planning and there are plenty of ways to revamp an old, dull look and not break the bank. We have researched a few ideas for you and how you can jazz up your kitchen without spending a great deal of money.

With plenty of offers the Kitchen Depot can certainly help with your kitchen planning ideas and budget. We love to come up with great kitchen designs! However, sometimes a little change can make a great difference, we have complied a list of some top tips to spruce up your kitchen.

A lick of paint can make your kitchen look fresh and new again, especially if you opt for a new colour. Picking something bright and clean cut can create the illusion of more space and really gives it that newly decorated feel, that is kitchen planning on a budget!  

If you feel like your doors are looking a little lifeless, there is plenty you can do give them a re-vamp. Why not factor in some new handles to your kitchen planning. Handles come in all shapes, sizes and designs and by adding unusual handles to your décor you can revolutionise the space. Swapping old doors for new, fresh doors is also a clever idea. Likewise, another money saving tip is to paint an old door a bright colour this can completely change the look of your old kitchen design.

If your kitchen is feeling a little dull, what better way to brighten it up than with some modern lighting? Lighting has become a staple part of kitchen designing. The brighter a kitchen the bigger it looks, what more could you want when kitchen planning? To give your kitchen a new modern feel, why not invest in some spotlighting, or a statement light piece to really liven the place up!

You could also consider new kitchen flooring. This could really break up the room, tired old tiles or linoleum can make any room look glum and there is now more options than ever. Porcelain tiles are classic, easy to clean and long lasting, a new set of these could really add a touch of class to your kitchen. Solid wood floors are another option these give a warm and welcoming feel and the classic oak kitchen style works well with this. Patterned tiles are very popular by adding a feature section of the floor, in an open space or under a table, you can bring a dull kitchen to life.

Kitchen planning on a budget can be difficult, but these tips should give your kitchen a little bit of life. We always stock the latest kitchen designs and are more than happy to help you on your kitchen planning journey. Check us out at  


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