What is the best kitchen design to go for when selling your home?

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Are you looking for ways to increase the value of your property? Kitchen planning is important when selling your home and could be the answer! We’re aware that homes with brand new fitted kitchens sell better and we want to help you pick the best one. Kitchen planning is a massive part of any new household and when selling it is essential to take into consideration the kind of things potential buyers are looking for. It has been said that up to an extra £5000 can be added on to the value of your property if you install a brand new kitchen so it is definitely something to think about!

If you are updating your kitchen purely to sell your home it might be a good idea to consider a neutral look when kitchen planning. The simpler and sleeker it looks the easier it is for a potential buyer to put their own spin on it after purchase.

When kitchen planning for house selling there are a few styles that might be a better option. The white gloss kitchen for example is a great choice. Their clean cut design gives a home a fresh and open look and feel. There is nothing better than making a space look bigger by using the right designs, especially when selling a home. With great lighting white gloss kitchens can really create the illusion of space and bigger is always better when buying a new property! Due to their high gloss surface they aren’t easily spoiled either meaning scratches and bumps aren’t as visible. This also means they are easy to clean with just a cloth and water which is great for families’ and people who enjoy cooking.

It may be worth taking into consideration when kitchen planning whether you should choose a handleless design or not. Handleless kitchens are great for saving space, they also look very modern and compact which again creates the illusion of extra room. When kitchen planning it is wise to think about who may be buying your property. Young families and couples buying their first home are often looking to do as little house maintenance as possible so a ready to cook in kitchen is always beneficial. Furthermore kitchens with handles gather dirt easily, families love the added element of less cleaning which the handleless option could offer. There are also safety elements when opting for a handleless kitchen. Buyers with small children can worry less about kids easily bumping into handles and kitchen knobs so it’s always worthwhile taking this into account when kitchen planning.

High gloss kitchen in Manhattan Gloss Alabaster

So why not take a look at some of our newest kitchens to help you sell your home. We offer a range of designs to suit your kitchen planning needs and some which might just seal the deal for your potential home buyer – check them out here, we make kitchen planning easy!