Safety First Kitchen Design

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When it comes to designing your perfect kitchen, the look and feel are likely to be your first priority. In the excitement of making your dream a reality you might forget the importance of achieving the safest home possible.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, so whether you’ve got young kids running around and want to make sure they stay out of trouble or you just want to make sure your kitchen won’t become the scene of a household mishap, then follow our easy tips for a danger-free kitchen.

Start Simple

You can prioritise safety in your home at the early stages of your design plan simply by being mindful when mapping the layout of your cupboards, appliances and work surfaces. Make sure there is plenty of room to move around easily to avoid silly bumps and grazes early on.

Curtains Up

You might want to think twice before installing curtains in your kitchen, especially if your cooker will be near a window. The curtains could catch fire to the stove and, what’s more, curtains are more likely to keep a hold of nasty cooking smells. Blinds are a much fresher – and safer – option.

Oven and Fridge Are Not Friends

Designing your kitchen so that your cooker is next to your fridge will make your fridge work harder to keep food cool. The result? Your fridge’s shelf life will be dramatically reduced as the motor will burn out faster. You may also be at greater risk of food poisoning if food cannot be kept cold enough too. This just isn’t work the risk!

Oven and Sink are Friends

The more distance you’ve got to carry pans of boiling water or hot food, the more danger of you slipping up. Do yourself a favour and plan for your hob and oven to be near your sink so you’ve not got far to go.

Fire Safety First

Although you might think fire blankets are the reserve of nasty student halls or HMO properties, it’s not a bad idea to keep one in your home, especially if you have children around. They can be bought cheaply online and will smother a fire right away. You can’t put a price on that safety.

Avoid an Ice Rink

A non-slip floor is an essential when planning a kitchen with safety in mind. All sorts can end up on the kitchen floor just from day to day cooking and the goings on of family life. Minimise any slips and trips while you can – prevention is better than cure!

Soft Close Cupboards

The joys of modern design mean that little fingers are much safer in the kitchen. Invest in soft close cupboards and hinges to lessen the risk of injury. We would also recommend soft corner fittings to remove the risk of sharp edges that little heads could get bumped on.


There are lots of ways to make your home as safe as possible, from those initial planning stages to the finishing touches. Whether you’re able to make a large investment or just some affordable changes, any safety led feature will give you something priceless – peace of mind!